EMS Image Collection beta test started

Today we released beta version of our first software , the “EMS Image Collection”. You can read about this application and download it here. You can tell us about your experience in our contact us page. However it is recommended to fill a review form here. If you like to receive an  email to remind you to fill the review form, please sign in.(2019 sep 1)

EMS Image Collection version released

Today we release new version ( for EMS Image Collection. Changes are:

  • All settings now are accessible via Menu> View> Settings.
  • Better zoom.
  • Other minor improvements.

(2019 oct 1)

EMS Image Collection version released​

New version ( for EMS Image Collection released. Changes are:

  • Now you can change date format using Menu> View> Settings> Other
  • Date picker control improved.
  • Report bug window improved.
  • Other minor improvements.

(2019 Nov 2)

EMS Image Collection beta test ended

Today EMS Image Collection beta test ended and we released version for this application. (2019 Dec 1)

Weekly Habits version 1.0 released

Today we released our new app the ‘Weekly habits’. It will helps you to develop new habit. You can learn more about this app and download it here.

(2020 May 4)

Weekly Habits version 1.1 released

Today we released new version for ‘Weekly Habits’. 

Default settings for some countries added. Now when you run the app for the first time from this countries , you can automatically change app settings to default settings for your country.

(2020 May 12)